Sunday, November 27, 2005

The other son of NiSei

It just would not be fair for me to post a pic of Shihan Ruiz's son without mention of his spiritual son, Hanshi Wilfredo Roldan, the present Soke of Nisei GoJu. If I may be so bold, "and I may, because this is my blog, and he is my friend," here is an oldie but goody of Shihan Ruiz, Hanshi Roldan, and I. HISTORY BEHIND THIS PICTURE: Hanshi Roldan is my senior in KaraTe = older Bro. We both where kept at GoDan = 5th Degree Black belt for eons!
I'm not sure about him, but I was GoDan for 15 years. Anyway, Hanshi Roldan had just been promoted to 7th Dan and I was about to be promoted to 6th Dan when this picture was taken. To date the picture, for those who knew Shihan Ruiz toward the end of his life, this picture was taken soon after his 2nd leg was amputated.