Monday, February 27, 2006

The Urban KuRuRunfa is a modern kata that was devised by ,my teacher = GMstr. Urban. He used a unique methodology of spelling Japanese words so as for them to be easily pronounced by non Nihon Go speakers. The Sensei's way of spelling KuRuRunfa was KooRooRunfa. The Sensei translated his kata as "Violence." The bunkai and setsumei of the kata take place in a darkly lit bar. The techniques of pulling a person from a stool, as well as fighting multiple attackers from the front and rear without looking. The method of removing and using shoes is also extant. As soon as the stills from the photo / video shoot are fully completed, we will commence with this tutorial.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's a "G" thing.............

Ok, here is the deal. I am coming to NYC for the Urban Legacy Event on April 30th.
If your imnterested in attending my seminar at Nisei GoJu HQ. on Ave. A and 7th street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan + NYC's East Village, then email me at
The seminasr will be on Saturday April 29th 2006.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Osu! The kururunfa segment will be coming up soon. Anyone with any questions on the VIOLENCE = Urban KuRuRunFa kata, please email


Thursday, February 02, 2006

What was he thinking??????????

Osu! Ok, now what do you think he was thinking? I can tell you, because I was intimate with him as far as his thoughts and wishes. There is much material available written by or about The Sensei. His official writings and material was distributed by chosen people with the understanding that in many cases, he = Urban would be stipened moneterily of a percentage of his choosing, and after his = Urban's demise, my sister = his daughter Julia would receive the affore mentioned stipend. Well, there are those of dubious deniability who are currently selling Urban material without paying agreed stipend. I am not at this time mentionimng any names, but if you dont straighten things out with my sister Julia, I promise you a war. = period. For those who wish to purchase legitimate Urban material, please see for what is what. Anything else is up for varification, and you can varify it right here! The Sensei = Urban, left sister Julia certain rights, and between Henry Shawn Esq. "Sensei's Lawyer," and myself "Sensei's Judge Advocate General" I guarentee that my sister will receive her props. Or You got some splainin to do Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oss! Once again in the house, The O G, The Hanshi, Malanoski Speaks!!!

Oss! Not having sent out a mass advisement as to new postings on this blog, you may be seeing quite a few new items here. All systems are go here at the Hombu, and as for New York and New Jersey, you can begin to prepair for my visit there in April. I will most definately be giving seminars both in NYC at Hanshi Roldan's dojo in the East Village, as well as in NJ. I will be attending the Urban Legacy Tournament in Harlem while we are there. Hanshi Teller of Gainesville Fla. will be there with his folks, as will Kyoshi James Price of Ft. Myers Fla., the webmaster of which is the official Urban GoJU site. I do expect to see ALL of my people from the Tri State Area at this event!
Yoko Geri!!!!! This pic is well known to any of my inner circle boys and girls.
Sai vs bokken = yours truly and sensei Ron Frischkorn at the VFW. I remember this like it was yesterday. But alas.... it was before my 19 year old Melissa was born. Man! I'm old!
Here is Sempai Zino Salnave, NiDan, pictured here with GMstr. Ron "The Black Dragon" Van Clief. Zino is one of my oldest students, a NJ Corrections Officer and serves as my personal body guard when I am around and about NYC. Funny....... I raised him from a pup, now he watches my back.
Here is an Urban KenJitsu move from the VFW days just a few blocks from the Hudson River for those who dont know. Thats yours truly and Sensei Ron Frischkorn of course.
Malanoski spinning heel kick back in the day, circa about 20 years ago, performed at the expence of Sensei Ron Frischkorn........