Thursday, February 02, 2006

What was he thinking??????????

Osu! Ok, now what do you think he was thinking? I can tell you, because I was intimate with him as far as his thoughts and wishes. There is much material available written by or about The Sensei. His official writings and material was distributed by chosen people with the understanding that in many cases, he = Urban would be stipened moneterily of a percentage of his choosing, and after his = Urban's demise, my sister = his daughter Julia would receive the affore mentioned stipend. Well, there are those of dubious deniability who are currently selling Urban material without paying agreed stipend. I am not at this time mentionimng any names, but if you dont straighten things out with my sister Julia, I promise you a war. = period. For those who wish to purchase legitimate Urban material, please see for what is what. Anything else is up for varification, and you can varify it right here! The Sensei = Urban, left sister Julia certain rights, and between Henry Shawn Esq. "Sensei's Lawyer," and myself "Sensei's Judge Advocate General" I guarentee that my sister will receive her props. Or You got some splainin to do Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!