Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oss! Once again in the house, The O G, The Hanshi, Malanoski Speaks!!!

Oss! Not having sent out a mass advisement as to new postings on this blog, you may be seeing quite a few new items here. All systems are go here at the Hombu, and as for New York and New Jersey, you can begin to prepair for my visit there in April. I will most definately be giving seminars both in NYC at Hanshi Roldan's dojo in the East Village, as well as in NJ. I will be attending the Urban Legacy Tournament in Harlem while we are there. Hanshi Teller of Gainesville Fla. will be there with his folks, as will Kyoshi James Price of Ft. Myers Fla., the webmaster of which is the official Urban GoJU site. I do expect to see ALL of my people from the Tri State Area at this event!