Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Gainesville Challenge

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of my Westy friends in Hell's Kitchen, and the rest of you Micks.

I believe in Irish consciousness................

When they are conscious, they are cool............................... That's a joke for those of you with no sense of humor.

As for The Gainesville Challenge, we had a great time!

For me especially, it was the first event that I had been to in a while, and being able to spend quality time with friends for the first time in eons, was truly a blessing.

Thanks to webmaster Professor Price for giving me a ride there, and for having our friend Hanshi Fitzpatrick as his room mate at their hotel.

Hanshi's Dayton Guinee and Raymond Fitzpatrick flew in from N.Y., Sensei Alexis Cardona, Sensei's Jim and Sarrah Chambers, Kyoshi Gonzalez, Sifu Nelson of Fu Jow Pai, and a cast of many others where present.

Hanshi Teller was nice enough to set up a room in his dojo for me to stay in while the others slept in hotels. Yes, as my teacher said, "The dojo is the home of the Sensei."

Dr. Roberta Teller, (Hanshi Teller's wife,) was as per usual, the gracious hostess, both on the evening prior to, and of the event, with great food and hospitality at the Teller residence.

Hanshi Teller always gives a well run, smooth event, and this was no exception.