Sunday, November 27, 2005

Damon & Pythias part 1 or Speaking of Sons.....

My friend Grand Master Peter Siringano Jr., pictured here with me, emailed me last night, commenting that he wished that he would have known about Shihan Ruiz's memorial. He said that he would have liked to be there. He made reference to his father Grand Master Pete Siringano, and Grand Master Ruiz being known as the Damon and Pythias of KaraTe by Official KaraTe Magazine.

My father was a friend of GMstr. Siringano and introduced me to him when I was a kid.

This is my father Victor Malanoski, Kaiden, with his teacher Nikki Tenamura Kaiden, ShobuDo Ju Jitsu

I had the great fortune of training with GMstr. Siringano on Sundays in the 70s during his Black Belt and Brown Belt workouts on Staten Island at his Hombu Dojo.

My father and GMstr. Siringano had much in common. Those who know, will be able to read into that one..........

You had to be there.


To my friend Gmstr Pete Siringano Jr., this is for you.

Part 2

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Part 6

The other son of NiSei

It just would not be fair for me to post a pic of Shihan Ruiz's son without mention of his spiritual son, Hanshi Wilfredo Roldan, the present Soke of Nisei GoJu. If I may be so bold, "and I may, because this is my blog, and he is my friend," here is an oldie but goody of Shihan Ruiz, Hanshi Roldan, and I. HISTORY BEHIND THIS PICTURE: Hanshi Roldan is my senior in KaraTe = older Bro. We both where kept at GoDan = 5th Degree Black belt for eons!
I'm not sure about him, but I was GoDan for 15 years. Anyway, Hanshi Roldan had just been promoted to 7th Dan and I was about to be promoted to 6th Dan when this picture was taken. To date the picture, for those who knew Shihan Ruiz toward the end of his life, this picture was taken soon after his 2nd leg was amputated.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Malanoski Speaks!

Osu! I hope that all of you have been enjoying this project of mine so far. For those of you who are new to this blog, and or those of you who are not so internet hip, let me remind and or advise you that there are a copious amount of articles and pictures of interest both very old, and very new on this blog, and one just has to scroll down to find them. I have been, and will continue to update this blog on a regular basis, so if your interested, keep checking for updates!

Son of Nisei!

This is Frank Ruiz junior, son of the late NiSei GoJu Founder, and Yours Truly taken at his father's memorial this year, the night Hanshi Wendell left Nisei. I had brought various old footage of Grand Master Ruiz in action which we played after some of us stepped up and gave tribute to the NiSei Founder, including my Ruiz imitations, that went over quite well I mite say.... Hanshi Wendell had put this memorial together to honor his teacher and to announce the seperation from Nisei, and start of his own organization.

Line up of the leaders of some of the various GoJu factions HQ'd here in Florida.

L to R Hanshi's, Bill Wendell (formerly of Nisei, now Founder of MuShin Ryu), Joe Anon (Sansei), Me, Manny Saavedra Founder of Sansei.

Did you ever wonder?

Chances are, that if you are familiar with this pic, you have wondered what this is all about.

When I first saw the pic, years ago, I thought to myself, " They are not going to understand." I knew that most would not get the jist, and think it eccentric.

Fact of the matter, The Sensei = Urban, took this pose from an old painting, and in his own words, I give you the explaination, as well as the painting, which was taken from Andrew Adams' book, NINJA the invisible assasins, which was THE original book covering NINJITSU published in the west, by Ohara Publications in 1970, but originally taken from an ancient scroll of the Edo period 1616 - 1867. The painting is actually of the famed kabuki actor, Danzo Ichikawa portraying the NinJa Niki Danjo weaving his fingers in a secret Kuji Kiri = a kind of shamanistic finger sign.

"The portrait of a ninja that you see in musiums is a very elite looking middle aged man with a scroll clenched in his mouth; enigmatic looking with piercing eyes. Everyone tries to guess what he is holding in his mouth. I shouldn't tell you the answer to that secret but I will. He is holding a diploma. He is holding a list of secrets that no person should know. What is that? Never disclose your mistakes, weaknesses, or your superiority." Urban

The kanji on the picture of The Sensei = Urban, says Kami which translates as Spirit.

Now You Know.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dai Sensei, Kow Loon " Kayo " Ong

As most of you already know, I am apolitical when it comes to writing about the various arts other than USA / Urban GoJu. The politics of our organization are still being, and or will be addressed privately / in house, unless and or until I am caused to do otherwise.

This article may seem to reek political, and if it does, I make no apologies, as it is simply a matter of stating historical facts and is not meant to slur any group or any person. That is, unless the truth hurts, in which case, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Many think that they are bringers of something unique and unknown as far as the popularity of the older ways these days. But what was at one time one of the greatest martial arts secrets in the US, has been in NYC since the 60s!

It started when a Chinese family the Ong's, immigrated to the USA and set up a Chinese Laundry (of all things) in New York, the South Bronx (of all places.)

On errands to NYC’s Chinatown, the young son of this immigrant Ong family would see KaraTe for the first time at a place called The Chinatown DoJo. Having heard stories of his Kung Fu past relatives in the old country, he always wanted to get into the arts, but was not allowed because of the popular link between Kung Fu and the underworld = Tongs = Chinese Mafia, and other secret societies.

When the young boy told his parents what he had seen in Chinatown, and thinking that perhaps because this particular art had a non Chinese name, that his parents may allow his participation, asked permission to join. Of course the answer was no.

Persisting behind his parents backs, he continued to visit The Chinatown DoJo to watch.

Grand Master Urban, having told him that he would need a letter from his parents to join, was now told by the young boy that his parents would not sign him in, for fear of the afore mentioned and that the boy would not be given the money for DoJo dues.

Recognizing his dilemma, Grand Master Urban allowed the boy to train for free, and without permission. “Ahhhhhhh, the good old days, when fear of litigation was not the norm.”

I met this young boy, when I was an even younger boy = he was 16 and I was about 8, at this DoJo in Chinatown. By the way, his name is Kow Loon Ong, also known as Kayo. Later, when one of our DoJo seniors, Sensei Thomas Boddie opened up his Uptown DoJo, Grand Master Urban understanding that Sensei Boddie’s DoJo would be much easier for him to commute to from the Bronx, gave Kayo permission to join The Uptown DoJo.

Kayo had already proven himself as a talent. He placed in the original GoJu Kai tournament held in NYC in the 60s as a 16 yr old brown belt! Learning came easier to him because of his high degree of intellect. His training in KaraTe was intertwined with his studies at New York’s Aviation High School, which for those who are not familiar, requires on to be of above average intelligence in order to pursue technical studies far advanced from the average school. He also worked at the laundry, and a Chinese restaurant. “And you think that you have a hectic schedule???”

Sensei Boddie later met and began to study with Sensei Akira Kawakami from Okinawa, in ShoreiKan GoJu Ryu. .
This lead to Kawakami Sensei, and later also
The Zen Priest who actually was a direct student of GoJu founder Chojun Miyagi, Rev. Sogen Sakiyama, to actually be on hand to guide Kayo and his peers. As well as, believe it or not Okinawa’s famous KoBuDo master Matayoshi who was staying in NYC.

Over the years, because of his being oriental, Kayo was actually being taught more advanced aspects of the arts than Sensei Boddie was. This caused a kind of falling out, and Kayo opened up the original ShoreiKan headquarters in the US, representing its founder Sekichi Toguchi Sensei of Okinawa.

Later bringing over Toshio Tamano sensei from Okinawa, who after a problem with his student visa, was legitimized as to his presence here in the US by Kayo getting him a working visa under the rationale that Tamano Sensei was bringing “The better punch” You see, there had to be a reason for his working visa. He had to have something that was not already available here, so with the help of Kayo’s way with words, Tamano Sensei was able to stay, and establish his following. Hence the beginning of Toguchi Sensei’s or should I say Tamano Sensei’s ShoreiKan organization in the west.

Kayo, being the actual owner of the dojo, later broke away because of various things that were going on that he did not agree with. Mount Kisco was a location that Kayo pioneered, but it was time to move on.

After many problems with the martial arts community, as well as his own disgust as to what things had become, Kayo basically went underground for many years with his teachings in the shadows of NYC’s Chinatown. Many challenges were cast both to and more often by Kayo because of his opinions, which he has always been more than willing to share!

He had by then, developed the True SanChin Body. He lifted no weights, but because of SanChin and Taiso Daruma training, his body resembles that of a power lifter.

He had learned basically all there was to learn, from the afore mentioned Okinawan masters, and began to teach the old ways of NahaTe under the moniquor of Chi I Do.

This is the old instructors patch that was originally used by Chi I Do. "From author's personal collection."

A GoJu instructor named Paul Okami “ actually an American guy who took on the Okami name during the ( Turning Japanese ) craze of the 70s,” who wrote a couple of ( Less than complimentary ) articles about USA GoJu = The Long And Winding Road of GoJu Ryu in the US, and its demise in NYC, for Black Belt magazine.

Okami, was later approached by Kayo while he was writing for Inside KaraTe magazine, as to meeting with him.

After their meeting, and Kayo making a believer of him, Okami did a cover story on Kayo for Inside KaraTe magazine, and even put out a video of Okinawan GoJu kata from what he had learned from him.

When Okami had to travel to the UK to escape the wrath of those he slurred in Black Belt Magazine, he turned his DoJo over to Kayo in order for him to teach the students this “new found knowledge.”

Upon Okami’s return to the US and to the DoJo floor, he was greeted by his students who looked at him like he had three heads, and wanted to know why he had wasted their time for so long that they had to relearn everything in order to correct his mistakes……

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…………………… Pay back is a bitch ehhh Paul ?

After many years of teaching and developing a strong student body in NY as well as over seas, Kayo arose from the underground scene and began teaching for the NYC Public School System's After School Programs along with his lovely and competent wife Lai, which have blow up to multiple locations.

He has also been recognized in Okinawa, as Hanshi grade.

By the way, his lovely and cordial daughter Pearl was sent to California as Kayo’s representative when Dai Sensei Meitatsu Yagi Head of MeiBuKan GoJu Ryu, and heir / son of Dai Sensei Metoku Yagi, most senior of Chojun Miyagi’s students still living, was visiting. That should tell you where she stands…………

His International Chi I Do organization has become huge.

Kayo is a licenced airplane mechanic, was owner of a company that made and installed extremely large fish tanks in the homes of the elite, as well as an inventor of various power sourses for the "Xootr" (pronounced
'zooter') , which is a battery operated skateboard scooter.

I am proud to call him my friend, my older brother, my confidante.

My personal nick names for him are Kayo Ko, meaning Big Brother Kayo = “ I consider him a modern Ryu Ryu Ko = Big Brother Dragon, which was the name that Kanro Higashionna's teacher was known by.” and my favorite = Shi Kung! “He always laughs and says “Shi Kung??? How old do you think I am???”

Incidentally, The name Kow Loon actually translates as 9 Dragons.

For those of you who understand the San Chin = 3 Conflicts, 3 is the base of what we do. 3 x 3 = 9.

Please see Dai Sensei, Kow Loon Ong’s eulogy to Grand Master Urban at:

Also see the article done on Dai Sensei, Kow Loon Ong in Martial Force Magazine at :

Friday, November 18, 2005


This pic was taken last year of Dai Sensei Kow Loon "Kayo" Ong and I at his home in New York City's Chinatown / Little Italy area. When it comes to old school technology of Naha Te, GoJu Ryu, Kin Gai Ryu, this founder of Chi I Do and KaraTe older brother of mine, is the only person that actually makes me shut up and listen, rather than debate. Look for a full coverage of this great master on this blog soon.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Coming of War

American KaraTe in the making. You are there:

What we have here, are exerpts from The June 1970 issue of Official KaraTe Magazine, in which the section where people wrote letters to the magazine, called Sound Off had what began with a positive letter from our own GMstr. Edward Veryken who was then a young yon dan, and then the story goes awry when a not so gentleman from Grand Master Gosei Yamaguchi's organization chimes in with a letter questioning our authenticity.

The climax is when The Sensei = Urban himself makes a public statement as to his justification as 10th Dan and Founder of USA GoJu.

You will have to click on these pics to be able to read any of this.

Dai Ni

Dai San

Dai Yon

If you dont think that this is at least one of the coolest KaraTe pics you have ever seen, THEN GET OFF OF MY BLOG!

This Oldie But Goodie has no number because its JUST TOO COOL = period.
I simply had to repost this classic "you saw it here first" pic again, as I am certain that many of you dont realize how much your missing by not scrolling down to the older postings and pics.

A message from Julia Urban Kimmerley

Steve; Thank you for including me on this list. Some of the "Oldies But Goodies"
pictures really blew my mind. Even I have not seen some of those. Boy was my Dad
something else, or what??? In his true "heyday", he was UNTOUCHABLE!!!!! His sheer
natural "CHARISMA" was mesmerizing...The animated physical technique that naturally
exuded from his body while teaching, was not only memorable, but very entertaining
indeed. That is what kept the students waiting in line to get in for class.. I remember
watching him teach when I still lived in the dojos as a youth in NYC, was INCREDIBLE!
All the students eyes were fixated on Dad. When he spoke, there was silence, and when
there was humor, the laughter was deafening. Just thought of him as "Daddy" then, but
now looking back, WOW, much, much more than that. I particularly liked, "Oldie But
Goodie" #13, (William St. dojo pic.) I saw myself in his face,(in that era). It's funny
when you say, "Where have all the OSU's gone?",(aka = respect).. So much out there on
my father,DVD'S, CD's and tournaments, and I have not seen a dime as he had wished be
the case. No, correction, only Sir Balfour Wright has respected his wishes from an
URBAN CUP he had last year. But I am working on taking care of some of those issues.
The least I can do is try, right? Anyway, yes, FLORIDA is not a great place to live
anymore. Too many hurricanes to worry about. New York City is still the greatest place
on this earth. Wish I could afford to live there. Take care. Julia Urban-Kimmerley

Do your bit to fight Communism!

Yes! YOU can do your duty as a member of the free world, and defend your country by viewing the LATEST PHOTO SHOW FROM THE NORTH FORT MYERS REC CENTER DOJO WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS "Yeeee Haaaw!" by cutting and pasting the following:

Oh! By the way, The pic is of me vs a large cast iron icon of Vladimir Lennin in the lobby of a hotel that at one time was a vacation retreat for the Communist Party in Zaporozhye Ukraine = The Former USSR.

Oldies But Goodies 16

I hereby cast a public challenge, for someone to come up with a pic of The Sensei in a NYC DoJo setting, that is older than this one!

Oldies But Goodies 15

Classic photo of L to R The renown martial arts columnist John T McGee, Sifu Allen Lee, Grand Master Peter Urban, Sabumnim S. Henry Cho, and Sensei Shigero Numano as they participated in a forum for Black Belt Magazine circa 1969.

We found Bin Laden!

No. Not really........
This is The Sensei = Urban, with his daughter Julia and I at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC after The Sensei had been presented with the head dress that he is wearing by Master Hanni Sakas who had flown in from Israel that day.

My Mom

Nothing more need be said.
Every picture tells a story, don't it?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Would you care to see some pics from class at the North Fort Myers Recreation Center last night?

To view photo show, cut and paste

Not many students showed, but we had a good class as usual.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ol' Reliable

Grand Master Urban called his internet Webmaster, "Ol Reliable."
He really is, as far as a friend, and GoJu brother, and he really is old too.

A retired pharmaceutical salesman = legitimate drug dealer.....

He is now studying Chinese medicine.

He is ranked 8th Dan, Kyoshi grade from Grand Master Urban, and is a fully recognized member of GoJuLandia South.

When many others, not surprisingly cant be bothered, he can.

Taught me most of what I know about computers and the internet

Fact of the matter is, you wouldn't be reading this if he didn't look into and then teach me how to do this type of media.

Here are a couple of shots of he and I, taken today as we worked on some more advanced cybertechnics at his beautiful home at Pelican Preserve = about 10 minutes from the Satori Mansion = my Crib............

Thanks to Karen = Mrs. Price, for taking the pics and putting up with Professor Price's Paparazi back seat driving.

Kyoshi Price is webmaster of the Official Urban GoJu website
At the request of Sensei Tom Militello, here are pics of yours truly in Dress blues at Parris Island

and in group pic of yours truly attatched to ANGLICO unit at Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan, "Thats me bottom row, right corner.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Attention all readers:


Firstly, I hope that everyone has been enjoying this blog so far.

The comments section has been removed, as I have been receiving too many unauthorized and nonrelated postings in which others were advertising their blogs, some of which were questionable, and inane messages that also linked to questionable sites.

I would be happy to reopen the comments section, if any of you would like to join = free = no charge, the list of authorized commenters. I will then reintroduce the comments section.

I receive copious emailings and phone calls in lieu of the comments anyway.

I would like to encourage any and or all of you, to email me with any questions, suggestions, requests, etc., as to anything that you would like me to cover on this blog. That is to say, requests for pics, technical advice, tutorials, information, opinions, etc.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Oh! And Happy Veterans Day to all who share the military experience with me.

Funny, I went to work today, and was immediately greeted with a Happy Veterans day by a fellow monitor in our security unit who besides being a female, is also a veteran. I also received a message from Kyoshi Price = webmaster of, from John Libutti who is one of my black belts in NJ, and also from GMstr. Ralph Viggiano, who inherited GMstr. Johnny Kuhl's American Combat KaraTe sytem.

But other than that, I didn't hear anything on the subject from anybody all day.

I dont mean toward me or my service with the USMC. I mean toward this day or it's meaning at all!

If it because there are so many who are actively serving over in the Middle East, that the past seems unimportant right now, then I understand. They are my heroes to say the least. But otherwise, it is a sad sign of the times. Wake Up America!!! You exist and survive because of those who laid it on the line.

For those who fight for it
Freedom has a flavor
That the protected will never know.

Oh! Speaking of which, our own LCpl. Leotti, USMC and brown belt under your's truly, has returned from the war! In one peice! Albeit shot in the leg............ Ran into him a Wallmart while he was on leave.

Domo Arigato Gozai Mashita my young American Samurai!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oldies But Goodies 14

This is a pic of your's truly receiving an award from Grand Master Urban at Shihan Al Gotay's event at The John Jay College Of Criminal Justice in NYC.

Oldies But Goodies 13

The Sensei = Urban, Circa mid 70s. This pic was taken at Williams Street Dojo.

Oldies But Goodies 12

Here is a pic of Grand Master Frank Ruiz "founder of NiSei GoJu" defending against his students Then Sensei, now Hanshi, Wilfredo Roldan "now head of NiSei" and Elsie Roman. Circa 1975.

Oldies But Goodies 11 Old Urban BunKai

Osu! For those of you, not from the day 0 era, here is a blip from my old school archives that I am certain is a first on any media since circa 1963.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Sensei = Urban, demonstrating bunkai for the mawashi uke segment of kata TenSho for a tv special of which stills such as these were published in JuDo Digest magazine in 1963.

Remember that if you put your cursor over the pic and click, you will see the full size of the images on this blog.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oldies But Goodies 10

Bet ya never saw this before................

A young Sensei Urban leads class at the old JuDo Twins DoJo in NYC, circa 1961.

Oldies But Goodies 9

How about Grand Master Urban refereeing the classic match between Thomas LaPuppet and Joe Lewis? This was taken from the cover of Black Belt Magazine June 1968.

Oldies But Goodies 8

Old pic of Grand Master Peter Urban in his 20s.

Oldies But Goodies 7

Group pic of the first four recipiants of the Urban E "excellance" Flag.
Me, Grandmasters Al Gotay, Dayton Guinee, Sam McGee.

Oldies But Goodies 6

Your looking down the barrel of my yoko geri kekomi circa 93 when I first moved to Florida.

Oldies But Goddies 5

Classic pic of Grand Master Peter Urban in action against master Phil Moldanado.

Oldies But Goodies 4

Yours truly, Ron "The Black Dragon" VanClief "founder of Chinese GoJu and my Ace Boon Coon, Hanshi Keith Teller. Thats Hanshi Joe Espinosa behind me, and of course our Sensei "Urban" behind all of us.