Monday, January 23, 2006

Wanna laugh???

I can relate to being in a "Loss of face," situation such as this, on a bad day, so I know, as well as a lot of us do, how this feels. But this was in front of a crap load of folks and also telecasted internationally!

Wow! Not cool................ But for a laugh at the expence of a man with Gahones Grande! Please cut and paste in order to go to:

Friday, January 20, 2006

Something that I am proud of:

If I may be so bold as to post a page of an old Urban Speaks newsletter in which The Sensei = Urban speaks of me and my knowledge of the system = USA / Urban GoJu.

Inner circle Old Boys will have alrady seen this pic, but....

See anyone you know? Chinatown DoJo circa early 60s. Taganashi, DeBase, Padu, Sha, Sensei, Gotay, Wallace etc. etc.

Heres somthing that MOST of you do not realize.

Here is the dedication from GRANd Master Richard Kim's book,The Weapopnless Warriors, where he gives The Sensei = Urban credit for encouraging the writing of the book.

It is with much pride that I can honestly say that I had his ear.

In Memorium.

This was my highest ranking student circa about 20 years ago, Sensei Rick Jeffers. Seen at far left. Of course thats me far right, after he and I had taken 1st place in our respective divisions at a New Jersey event. Rick was a well known tournament champ as well as the director of 6 dojos!!! He was killed in an auto "accident" on the New Jersey Turnpike a year after this pic was taken. Rest in peace mt brother from another mother.....

Big time self gratification post of Yours Truly being knighted by Maestro Peter G. Urban.

More self gratification, Malanoski spinning back kick circa about 20 years ago

Saturday, January 14, 2006

You guys and gals had better appreciate the following CLASSIC stuff, or my friend here will gladly escort you on to the train bound for SIBERIA!

1 Urban self portrait.

First on the list of this 6 part classic is a picture that the Sensei = Urban took of himself in the mirror at Masutatsu Oyama's Dojo in the 50s. Click on pic to enlarge.


This pic of The Sensei = Urban as well as the following who's who of The Sensei's organization, is taken from the original KaraTe DoJo book which was published in 1964, prior to the Tuttle Company mass production. The following was omitted in the Tuttle publication, hence these pages falling into obscurity.

Click on these pics in order to see larger readable versions.



5 and 6