Monday, July 23, 2007



Once again, my friend Henry Rollins expresses my deepest feelings in his artistic methodology.

Go to the following link to see the TAXI DRIVER enspired story of my life..............

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting back to business.

Ok! Osu!

Let us get busy!!!

The whole operation has moved to another location = the there and then is the past, and the here and now, as well as the here to come is what we will be focusing on.

I am currently revamping my curriculum, as well as my organization and affiliations.

For those of you who have been waiting for the word.... here it is.

The time has finally come, so if youy have been waiting, contact me NOW = TODAY as we are ready to rock and roll!

Hanshi, K. McGrath

Kyoshi, W. Meneghini

Sensei, J. Lee

Sensei, S. Charles

Sensei, J. libutti

Sensei, Zino Salnave

Sensei, D. Santiago

Sensei, Keith Lengyel

Sempai, Brian Robinson


I will be in the NY/NJ area soon to take care of business.

As for Lee County, I highly suggest that you get with me via email asap, as if I dont hear from any of you, then there is no reason to look back.

Let me take this moment to thank Hanshi Manny Saavedra for his tireless support of me in my times of need.

It was also nice to spend time with Nisei GoJu's GMstr,Hanshi Roldan while he was here. Even though we didn't get to tear up the town, we had a nice time.

Apologies to Master Kelljchian for missing the beach event, but I have been a bit busy getting it together.

I do plan to meet with Shihan Al Gotay in August to discuss things however.

More on that later.

Congrats to Team Sansei, and the rest of the Kokusai Koryu GoJu Kai = Sansei GoJu's new moniquor, on their victorious overtaking at the US Open.

Master Joe Anon does a fine job in training these folks, as does Master Arturo Espina, under the direction of Hanshi Saavedra.

Well, there is more, but I'll get back to ya later