Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GMstr. Urban referees as Dr. Maung Gyi opens up a can of whoop ass....


I found this video courtesy of Bando Bob, a student of Dr. Maung Gyi.
Maung Gyi brought the Burmese martial art called Bando, here to the USA.
He was not a big man, but hit like one, with a lightning speed.

I recall Don Nagle saying that he considered Gyi as his equal in fighting.

In the early days of East Coast KaraTe tournaments, it was Maung Gyi, Don Nagle, and Peter Urban, who where, in Urban's words "The Establishment."

In this video clip, Dr. Gyi defeats the well known boxer Jeff Goldberg as Maestro Urban referees, at Sunnyside Gardens in NY.

Incidentally, Sunnyside Gardens was one of, if not THE location for many of the now historic events in our East Coast martial arts history.