Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ol' Reliable

Grand Master Urban called his internet Webmaster, "Ol Reliable."
He really is, as far as a friend, and GoJu brother, and he really is old too.

A retired pharmaceutical salesman = legitimate drug dealer.....

He is now studying Chinese medicine.

He is ranked 8th Dan, Kyoshi grade from Grand Master Urban, and is a fully recognized member of GoJuLandia South.

When many others, not surprisingly cant be bothered, he can.

Taught me most of what I know about computers and the internet

Fact of the matter is, you wouldn't be reading this if he didn't look into and then teach me how to do this type of media.

Here are a couple of shots of he and I, taken today as we worked on some more advanced cybertechnics at his beautiful home at Pelican Preserve = about 10 minutes from the Satori Mansion = my Crib............

Thanks to Karen = Mrs. Price, for taking the pics and putting up with Professor Price's Paparazi back seat driving.

Kyoshi Price is webmaster of the Official Urban GoJu website