Friday, November 11, 2005

Attention all readers:


Firstly, I hope that everyone has been enjoying this blog so far.

The comments section has been removed, as I have been receiving too many unauthorized and nonrelated postings in which others were advertising their blogs, some of which were questionable, and inane messages that also linked to questionable sites.

I would be happy to reopen the comments section, if any of you would like to join = free = no charge, the list of authorized commenters. I will then reintroduce the comments section.

I receive copious emailings and phone calls in lieu of the comments anyway.

I would like to encourage any and or all of you, to email me with any questions, suggestions, requests, etc., as to anything that you would like me to cover on this blog. That is to say, requests for pics, technical advice, tutorials, information, opinions, etc.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Oh! And Happy Veterans Day to all who share the military experience with me.

Funny, I went to work today, and was immediately greeted with a Happy Veterans day by a fellow monitor in our security unit who besides being a female, is also a veteran. I also received a message from Kyoshi Price = webmaster of, from John Libutti who is one of my black belts in NJ, and also from GMstr. Ralph Viggiano, who inherited GMstr. Johnny Kuhl's American Combat KaraTe sytem.

But other than that, I didn't hear anything on the subject from anybody all day.

I dont mean toward me or my service with the USMC. I mean toward this day or it's meaning at all!

If it because there are so many who are actively serving over in the Middle East, that the past seems unimportant right now, then I understand. They are my heroes to say the least. But otherwise, it is a sad sign of the times. Wake Up America!!! You exist and survive because of those who laid it on the line.

For those who fight for it
Freedom has a flavor
That the protected will never know.

Oh! Speaking of which, our own LCpl. Leotti, USMC and brown belt under your's truly, has returned from the war! In one peice! Albeit shot in the leg............ Ran into him a Wallmart while he was on leave.

Domo Arigato Gozai Mashita my young American Samurai!