Sunday, November 27, 2005

Damon & Pythias part 1 or Speaking of Sons.....

My friend Grand Master Peter Siringano Jr., pictured here with me, emailed me last night, commenting that he wished that he would have known about Shihan Ruiz's memorial. He said that he would have liked to be there. He made reference to his father Grand Master Pete Siringano, and Grand Master Ruiz being known as the Damon and Pythias of KaraTe by Official KaraTe Magazine.

My father was a friend of GMstr. Siringano and introduced me to him when I was a kid.

This is my father Victor Malanoski, Kaiden, with his teacher Nikki Tenamura Kaiden, ShobuDo Ju Jitsu

I had the great fortune of training with GMstr. Siringano on Sundays in the 70s during his Black Belt and Brown Belt workouts on Staten Island at his Hombu Dojo.

My father and GMstr. Siringano had much in common. Those who know, will be able to read into that one..........

You had to be there.


To my friend Gmstr Pete Siringano Jr., this is for you.