Thursday, November 17, 2005

A message from Julia Urban Kimmerley

Steve; Thank you for including me on this list. Some of the "Oldies But Goodies"
pictures really blew my mind. Even I have not seen some of those. Boy was my Dad
something else, or what??? In his true "heyday", he was UNTOUCHABLE!!!!! His sheer
natural "CHARISMA" was mesmerizing...The animated physical technique that naturally
exuded from his body while teaching, was not only memorable, but very entertaining
indeed. That is what kept the students waiting in line to get in for class.. I remember
watching him teach when I still lived in the dojos as a youth in NYC, was INCREDIBLE!
All the students eyes were fixated on Dad. When he spoke, there was silence, and when
there was humor, the laughter was deafening. Just thought of him as "Daddy" then, but
now looking back, WOW, much, much more than that. I particularly liked, "Oldie But
Goodie" #13, (William St. dojo pic.) I saw myself in his face,(in that era). It's funny
when you say, "Where have all the OSU's gone?",(aka = respect).. So much out there on
my father,DVD'S, CD's and tournaments, and I have not seen a dime as he had wished be
the case. No, correction, only Sir Balfour Wright has respected his wishes from an
URBAN CUP he had last year. But I am working on taking care of some of those issues.
The least I can do is try, right? Anyway, yes, FLORIDA is not a great place to live
anymore. Too many hurricanes to worry about. New York City is still the greatest place
on this earth. Wish I could afford to live there. Take care. Julia Urban-Kimmerley