Sunday, November 17, 2019

Shihan Russell Bianca, Kata Arakaki No Kon

Shihan, Russell Bianca of KenShiKai KaraTe Do, has been training in KoBuDo with me for quite a while now.  He is ranked 6th Dan with KenShiKai under Shuseki Shihan Monte Allen.

Having originally began his KaraTe training in USA GoJu, I recognize his 6th Dan with KenShiKai, and gave him the USAGA Fight Schools Network GoJu Hall # 280-6, as a member of my ShobuDo GoJu Jitsu Kai.

Shihan Bianca teaches at The Brooklyn KenShiKai DoJo in Brooklyn NY. 
A professional in many ways, he is an editor for The American Kennel Club Magazine, An accomplished musician, family man, and Sensei.

I am very proud of his progress in our KoBuDo training.

Here he performs the kata Arakaki No Kon.