Thursday, November 21, 2019

Dai Sensei, Kow Loon "Kayo" Ong explains Da Na Kow.

The art of Naha Te / GoJu Ryu, is actually the Okinawan version of Fukienese Chuan Fa = Southern Chinese Gung Fu.

Throughout the years, much of the substance of the art has been lost, omitted, or just not learned, by those who practice for competition, and or hobby.

There are intricacies that few actually know, but if one looks deeply enough, and is willing to do the research and foot work, they are still there for the taking. 

A few years back, while visiting my old friend and Older Martial Arts Brother, Dai Sensei, Kow Loon "Kayo" Ong, Chairman of Chi I Do International,  at his home in New York City's Chinatown, I had the opportunity to video tape a part of our long and detailed conversation. In this rare video, Dai Sensei, Ong explains the concept of Da Na Kow.