Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Satori Martial Arts Study Group

What is the difference between a Toy, a Tool, and a WEAPON?


What I intend to do, is to stop playing, and to bring That's My Satori and I'm Stickin To It! to the next level, by having established an interactive satellite on Facebook. It is called The Satori Study Group. The group is private, and to interact, one must join. If the applicant is not known to the group, it is necessary to email an introduction, including name, martial arts curriculum vitae, in order to be considered for acceptance.

The purpose of the Satori Martial Arts Study Group, is for readers of this blog to be able to ask questions and make commentary on and or about the subject matter covered here on this site. I encourage the reader to look back into the older posts throughout the years in our archives, and to feel more than free, but obligated to bring up any of the oldies that spark your interest.

The Satori Martial Arts Study Group can be found at:

Letters of introduction can be e mailed to
or you can contact us on Facebook.