Thursday, March 07, 2013

Miyagi Five O!

Haisai! This classic photo documents Chojun Miyagi's visit to Hawaii.

Here is the mention of Miyagi Sensei's visit, in Hawaii Hochi, a Hawaiian Japanese language newspaper. Notice that the kanji for KaraTe in the upper right corner, says China Hand. This predates the wide spread use of the newer Empty Hand kanji. It says, KaraTe expert to give exhibition tomorrow night. Chojun Miyaki, "they wrote his name wrong," one of Japan's greatest experts, will give an exhibition tomorrow night at 7:30 at the WMB Hall on upper forth street. He will spend about three months in the territory, showing in exhibitions and giving lectures. Miyaki is chief instructor for the police dept in naba (Southern Japan) and for the karate dept. of the Japanese athletic association. He leaves for Kaui next monday, for a four week tour.