Monday, December 10, 2012

This Rocks!


For some reason, this video's contents escaped me all of this time. Madam Julia Urban Kimmerly and her husband Robert produced this really well made piece, with a sound track that actually set me to a pause. I received an e mail today from Robert and Julia giving the official oky doky as for me to publish it here. In answer to my comment about this being the perfect song for The Sensei, she agreed that it was apropos. That's a word that was not in my vocabulary until Madam Julia's father introduced to me. You had to broaden your vocabulary just to keep up with his conversation, and I easily did, just from learning new words from The Maestro. That learning has effected many facets of my life. Anyway, back to the sound track, I'm not a member of the Kansas Fan Club or anything, but this is a PERFECT song for this Urban presentation. How apropos...

Incidentally, in the picture that you see before you click on the video, In the forefront of Sekwii Sha, Madam Julia, Albert Gotay, and Dayton Guinee, is an urn with The Maestro's ashes, covered by one of the hats that I had made for him. Yes, this video set me to a pause... Osu! Sensei.