Thursday, December 06, 2012


While doing some research on a totally different subject, I stumbled upon some vintage footage of the Yamaguchi tournament that was run by Sensei Aaron Banks in NYC back in November of 1967. Many of us posess or have seen the footage of this event narrated by GMstr. Gary Alexander. Maestro Urban sent some of us that video many years ago. However, this seems to be the missing footage. Here you will see Yamaguchi Gogen and Gosei Senseis performing, and a 16 year old Kayo Ong receiving his trophy from The Cat. If your not familiar with Dai Sensei Ong, please use the search engine on this site to view the article about him. Later in the video you will see some IsShin Ryu footage that came from the folks that have been harboring this vintage footage . Enjoy!