Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Long Lost Nunti Bo!

Coincidentally, immediately after I wrote the piece on sai in a previous post on this blog, we received a visit from one of my old students from the late 80s, George Kruckmeyer. When I closed one of my dojos years ago, some items wound up being stored at the homes of various students, often being passed on from one location to another. One of these items was my treasured Shureido Nunti Bo from Okinawa, which after being passed from Sensei Zino Salnave to George over the years due to various moves that we all had made. Being that these two students wound up going into the military, and I wound up moving out of the area, I pretty much detatched myself from the hope of ever seeing my nunti bo again.

Well, now that I began to regroup what once was, with my original people, low and behold, here came my old student, out of nowere, with a big smile on his face, nunti bo in hand!

It would appear that this is a sign of how a life, once left behind, is now reborn!

So.... with no further ado, ladies and gentleman, I give you The long lost Nunti Bo, performed with some of the movements of Arakaki No Nunti Bo, at the Highland Temple by yours truly. Special thanks goes to Uchi Deshi, Monday Salnave, for filming this clip.