Monday, January 14, 2008

The Book!


The book that we have been waiting for is finally a reality!

It is with great pleasure that I can now announce the publishing of a book of the quality that befits the memory of Grand Master Peter Urban.

Many of you are familiar with the works that Master Don Warrener has produced in the past, but for those who are not, let me explain myself. Master Warrener is a class act. He has been a student and teacher of the GoJu system for many years, having trained under the direction of such notable masters as Master Bob Dalgleish "Father of Canadian GoJu," and Hanshi Richard Kim. He has been associated in various ways with Grand Master Urban, with the production of seminars and various video tape releases throughout the past, and has never been a disappointment to us.

The products that Don Warrener's company, Rising Sun Productions, puts out are always of high quality, and judging from the last publication I personally saw of his, done on Hanshi Richard Kim, I can only believe that this book on Grand Master Urban will be the best media that has ever been done on our late great teacher.

In collaboration with Hanshi Manny Saavedra, I contributed many photos and old peices from my personal collection, to this book's publication. This along with all of the other hunting for Urban treasures that I know Don Warrener did, not to mention the use of the graphic arts mastery of Sensei Angel Lemus "Editor of BuGeiSha Magazine," is a recipe for a "can't lose," production.

The book will be about 400 pages in length, hard cover, laminated dust jacket, certificate of authenticity, there will also be a CD of the book so that it can be played in all computers and a DVD of all the rare photos set to music and including an exceptional interview and demonstration of the Maestro doing kata in the 1960's, then placed inside a special box and each one will be signed and number by the author.

For more information on how to order your copy of this historical compilation, go to: