Friday, November 09, 2007

A nice message from someone near and dear to the Maestro:


I received the following response to my last emailing alert about this blog from the well known Okinawan dance instructor Teiko Yonaha. As many of you know, she was very close to Maestro Urban.

"It's good to read the interesting comments and see all these pictures, esp. the old ones.
I like your creative blog and thank you for keeping abreast with the current actives of GoJu-Ryu, Steven-san.
I believe that you are a great budo-ka. Please keep kicking and punching, esp. the unique style of Goju-breathing.
Teiko from N.J. "

Teiko San also sent the following poem to go with this picture that I had of her. The jist of it, is that in Spanish, Maestro Urban's name is Pedro, or Piedra, which translated into english, means rock.

"A Pine seed was dropped on a rock. Years later the pine tree has grown magnificently, enveloping the huge Rock.” The fans symbolize the prosperity. Many years ago, practicing Karate and carrying weapons were prohibited in Okinawa. However, the Martial Artists disguised its techniques in the forms of dance in order to preserve the arts."