Monday, October 08, 2007

The Master Breaker.


I never had the chance before, to put a pic of my dear friend and coach during my tournament carreer as a teen ager in the 70's, The Master Breaker, GMstr. Ron Jeter.

He was quite a character. Charismatic, bigger than life, and a real showman. His tameshiwari = testing of the tools = breaking all kinds of bricks and blocks was truly somthing to behold.

He was also the best man to have in your corner when you were the only white boy, fighhting at the "inner city tournaments...."

I have fond memories of him taking my dojo mates and myself to 42nd street in NYC after work outs. He would actually pay all of our ways from one Kung Fu movie to another. We would work our way down 42 St often visiting 4 or 5 theaters in order to not miss any of the more than numerous Chop Socky flicks that would come out every week back then.

Unfortunately, like my other teachers, he is no longer with us.