Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Family portrait

Many of you have seen this pic before, but are you hip to who is in it pertaining to us, and where it was taken???

2nd row 4th from your left, you will see a young mustachioed Gogen Yamaguchi = Maestro Urban's main teacher.

Last row, leaning against the wall, in Japanese college uniform of the period, is Nei Chu So. This young Japanese Korean was a junior to Yamaguchi at Ritzumeikan University where they both trained for a time with Chojun Miyagi during Miyagi's visits to the mainland of Japan. Nei Chu So later taught Masutatsu Oyama, founder of KyokuShinKai, another of Maestro Urban's teachers.

This pic was taken at a BuTokuKai meeting of KaraTe instructors during a time when KaraTe was new to the BuTokuKai.

You may or may not remember a time when through another teacher of Sensei's = Urban's, Richard Kim, USA / Urban GoJu wore a patch on the back of the gi with the BuTokuKai name.