Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yes!, It will be most Definitely a "G" thing.

As I said before, It's a "G" thing. As the OG I invite all of you who desire affiliation with this "Little thing of ours" to come to my seminar at Nisei HQ = Avenue A and 7th street, and SPEAK WITH ME. Undetrstand that this will necessitate that we sweat together in order to get to know each other in the OLD SCHOOL way. Those of you that are looking for recognition, will bring their last certificate = from MY TEACHER or from where ever, but understand that there will be a proving ground = Thompson Square Park across the street from the dojo, in which you will show me what you know.
I am humbled by the amount of calls that "My brother from another mother = Hanshi Roldan has received about my seminar. Be sure to get with him and also me as to your attendance, as it appears that it will be a sell out. Funny, I heard that some where asking how he = Roldan got me to do a seminar at his dojo. "PLEASE!!!!" That man is my Ace Boon Coon!!!" = we go WAY BACK!!!! = If you got a problem with he, you got a problem with me........
ANYWAY, I = THE OG = The Hanshi = Malanoski, am looking Forward to seeing all of ye, at this histoeic event. Remember.......... Oss! = our Sensei's Spirit. And his spirit will be channeled on the 29th!!! Amen to that that!