Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's what he wanted me to do!

Osu! Bows and greetings to one and all!!!
It is Thursday evening as I type this memo, so that means it is almost time for my Empi Ha / Kururunfa seminar! Yes! From what my buddy Hanshi Roldan told me today, it is gonna be a who's who as far as who's coming. For the first time, the information, previously jealously guarded, that The Sensei = Urban shared with only a small few of us, is going to be made public. That is what he wanted = he told me to do this before he passed into the next reality. No, I will not be teaching the entire katas in the short 2 hours that we will be working together. I will however be teaching the hidden stuff, the wild stuff, and the key that unlocks the door that ajoins these two katas. If you desire to learn either of or both of the entire forms, see me after the seminar in my old stomping grounds = where we used to rumble = across the street in Thompson Square Park, and remember that everyone works, nothing is free, and all start at the bottom............

By the way, The Fight Schools Network Patches = The Official Urban GoJuDo patch, will be available for purchase at both my seminar and Sunday's tournament.