Saturday, April 07, 2012

Shihan, Ric Pascetta passes.

I cannot believe that once again, the new posting on That's My Satori is being done to announce the departure of another important figure in our GoJuLandia Americanus.

Most of you know all about him, so we will not go into the Ric Pascetta story here.

If you, for some reason, are not familiar with him, go to

What will be mentioned here, is that Shihan Pascetta was one of the people who Walked The Walk first, before he talked the talk, which he did also.

His accomplishments were real. His organizational skills, superb. His knowledge and ability were exactly the caliber of what SHOULD be expected of a Shihan / Hanshi / 10th Dan.

His fight record is historic.

His legacy, internationally, is impressive to say the very least.

I had the Golden Opportunity to work with an Italian Team from Italy that came from his stable when they attended one of my seminars. The teacher can be judged by his students. Well, in this case, I can tell you first hand, THIS MAN WAS AN EXCELLENT TEACHER. = period.

He made a difference.