Sunday, September 27, 2009

Urban Way Ceremony


Our Sensei was honored in proper fashion on Saturday, with a ceremony befitting of a man who's accomplishments had such a positive effect on so many of us. On Central Avenue in Union City New Jersey, where his 10th street dojo was located, a huge group assembled to view the unveiling of a long overdue tribute to our mentor.

I wish that I could have been there, but unfortunately I no longer reside in that part of the country. However, I did have some of my people there to represent and to take pictures and report of the goings on to me. So now I can report the goings on to you.... Click on pictures to enlarge.

Union City Mayor and NJ State Senator Brian P. Stack addresses the audience.

Maestro Urban's daughter Julia is presented with a likeness of the Peter Urban Way street sign.

Hanshi Ray Herman addresses the audience as his students perform kata.

Hanshi Archie Rullan addresses the audience as his sons hold Maestro Urban's Battle flag.

The Ombudsman of Urban GoJu, Hanshi Sekwii Sha addresses the audience.

Hanshi Fidel Montalvan addresses the audience.

The successor of Grand Master Frank Ruiz, Nisei GoJu Head, Hanshi Wilfredo Roldan addresses the audience.

Julia Urban Kimmerley and the crowd watch with excitement as the beautiful commemorative plaque is revealed.

A rightfully proud daughter, touches her father's plaque as Union City Mayor and NJ State Senator Brian Stack looks on.

The look of anticipation as the Peter Urban Way street sign is unveiled.


A lot of well known faces of the GoJu family were to be seen.

It was good to see so many branches of our tree represented.

This was a celebration of The Sensei's life, not a sad occasion of mourning. You can see the joy in the faces of his people.

In a matter much like Grand Master Gogen Yamaguchi's funeral, a group of those present got up and performed the kata Tensho. It is interesting to see the differences in kata nuance of the various factions of our American GoJu.

Special thanks to Sensei Elias Bonaros for taking these pictures and video for me.