Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A message to the enemy: I READ YOUR BOOK!!!!

Osu! I have chosen to re post something that I wrote on he topic of familiarity with the enemy's strategy in the THERE AND THEN, as it seems appropriate considering what is going down in the HERE AND NOW. The strategy that I speak of, is called Divide And Conquer. This is a proven " Gets em every time," unless you see it coming. Lest the reader gets the wrong impression, let me say now that I refer not to my teacher as the enemy. He both taught me of, and warned me about this strategy long ago.
So, with no further ado, I give you my hypothesis once again, this time, replete with VIDEO ACCOMPANIMENT!

Please click on pic so as to enlarge, for you to see The sensei's message to yours truly written at the top of the cover.

Upon the announcement of my 2ND marriage, The Sensei sent his Autobiography to us as a wedding present. It was his own personal copy, and the only one left to his knowledge.

The Sensei told me that he would be greatly pleased, if in two years after receiving the book, that the two of us were to walk up to his table and yell "I READ Your BOOK!!!, as General Patton did to Field Marshal Rommel in WW 2, which was shown in George C. Scott's movie Patton.

At a memorable moment in the movie Patton, George C. Scott as the General crows as his tactics foil the North Africa strategy of Rommel, the German "Desert Fox."
"Rommel, you magnificent bastard," he shouts, "I read your book!" For Rommel had published his innovations in the art of war, and Patton, a keen student of military history, possessed the ultimate advantage: he knew his opponents mind. Rommel was defeated before the engagement had begun.

Well, the marriage dissolved last year, and no, the two of us never did walk up and yell "I READ YOUR BOOK!!!, although I did read it, from cover to cover on numerous occasions, and use it as reference material even now.

Maybe The Sensei was trying to tell me something...............

Anyway, during multiple conversations with The Sensei after his giving me his autobiography, he eluded to the Patton, Rommel story.

Even if ones plans are not to take over the world, it is always good to study the strategy of those whose plans do entail domination.

The works of great strategists like Sun Tzu's Art of War, Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings, and on a darker side, Hitler's Mein Kampf, Mao's Little Red Book, and also Tojo and the coming of war by Robert J C Butow, are all insightful as to learning what to watch out for. Oh, and if you have never read The Turner Diaries http://www.skrewdriver.net/turnerintro.html then you have no insight as to what went down in Oklahoma, and what is bound to happen again here in the US. This book was written prior to the Oklahoma Bombing.

Maxims such as the ever popular "Divide and Conquer" are used and seen by all of us, in the dojo / martial arts politics, on the job, in relationships etc etc ad nausium.

Just as the practice of weapons in your martial arts training, is not just for tradition or the bi product of physical development which is gleaned from the handling of weapons = most of you are not going to use a nunchaku, katana, knife, sai, or spear in a fight on the street, knowledge of the use of these weapons capacitates the ability to better defend against an armed attacker.

Familiarity with the Motis Operandi of the enemy is capacitation for defense and or anialation.

This is why I watched, much more than I ever played, when it came to chess games with The Sensei at the dojo.

OneGaeShimasu Sensei!

Your teachings continue with new lessons every day.

Domo Arigato Gozai Mashita!

Thank You, For Being You.