Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We interrupt this blog flow, to inform you that we lost another one.

Regretfully, I must once again inform my readers of the demise of one of our people. I spoke with Sempai, John Libutti this evening, seen here as a green belt breaking a board about 18 years ago, after he had lost a leg and paralyzed an arm in a motorcycle accident, back in the day when my dojo was more of a gangster hang out than a legitimate school of self improvement,and he informed me that our own Roberto Tapia, pictured here in back ground to John's right, has passed away. I am not meaning this as a slur against Roberto, but the truth need be told. Roberto Tapia, my student and friend, got into HEROIN and died of an over dose. I am saddened that this happened, but I will use this example to cry out to those of you who are still sewing your wild oats. TAKE THIS AS A LESSON LEARNED FROM ROBERTO!
In these two pics are some very colorful individuals who mostly changed their lives around later, but we all remember the days, and unfortunately, we all have only a memory of our dear friend Roberto Tapia. Osu! Mi amigo, Via con Dios!