Sunday, April 10, 2005

Satori? What the heck is that?

Oss! Osu! Ush, or however you personally misspell it,

Welcome to the official BLOG of the ShobuDo GoJu Jitsu Kai, and GoJuLandia South. The word SATORI for those of you who cannot dig, means Self Actualization.

This blog will deal with the goings on of my GoJu Jitsu Kai, GoJuLandia South, and the martial arts, especially but not exclusively, USA / Urban GoJu.

For years, I have wanted to have a public vehicle for getting my thoughts out to the masses on a steady basis, without having to rely on someone else. Well it seems as if it has finally happened, and at what better time, than the day after the 1st anniversary of the demise of my teacher "Peter Urban." This is also a time when those of dubious deniability are trying to perpetrate various fraudulent antics in the name of my teacher and in the name of USA / Urban GoJu.

This will be a regularly added to, comprehensive blog, that will preach, teach, and act as a veritable who's who, and what's what, for those who want to know.

Finally, I want to make sure that everone knows about my Warrior's Challenge Martial Arts Tournament, to be held at North Fort Myers High School on May 7th 2005. To download flyer go to: